Sur James Richmond


I find the airbrush the simplest art tool to teach those without any artistic talent. Its soft and easy applications can be applied to any surface saving a lot of time when shading and blending colours together, creating instant and realistic works.




I'm a self taught airbrush artist and have been using and teaching the art of airbrushing for the past 35 years having had many successful exhibitions and commissions.


The airbrush has reached mainstream status in the world of high quality art. I also teach and paint in at least twenty different mediums specialising in surrealism and fantasy art which require many special effects and techniques.




I offer a full day one on one airbrushing class - No experience necessary! Age: 12-92


Within 6 hours you will complete a masterpiece. You will have acquired the confidence and the skills to airbrush on many surfaces including paper, bike helmets, cars, motorbikes, clothes, bodies, make up and murals.




The mechanics and cleaning of the airbrush

The use of grey toned inks to complete a portrait created with stencils and masking techniques

The application of fine to broad detailing

There is also ACCESS to a large Art book library in my studio

FULL back up service on parts and advice

BUSINESS opportunities explained




My large rustic comfortable studio at 18 Queens Court, Werribee

Ph: 0411 037 021 or (03) 9741 8771

It's just a mere 10 minute walk from Werribee Station!




Days: Tuesday or Thursday

Starting time: 10am sharp till 4pm

All equipment supplied!

Full starter kits can be purchased by prior payment and ordering by phone. To be taken home on the day!